Pocket Squares: Now Available

For 30 years, Carrot and Gibbs in Boulder, CO has been making high-quality bow ties and cummerbund sets. But now, for the first time, we have begun creating pocket squares of the same quality you have come to love in our bow ties. Sold across the US in hundreds of stores, if you love our bow ties, or have never purchased one of our products, our pocket squares are sure to impress. Visit our website to view them today!

Image of a colorful pocket square

Buy Them Individually

Made from the finest materials, our pocket squares are the perfect addition to any jacket or blazer. If you have a tie you love, but no pocket square to match it, we’ve got you covered. With tons of options, we have the right pocket square to complete your outfit.

A floral bowtie and matching pocket square

Buy Them Alongside Your Bow Tie

While we have pocket squares to match a tie you already own, our squares go perfectly with our bow ties. If you are in the market for a new bow tie, consider grabbing a pocket square while you’re at it. Our pocket squares complement our bow ties perfectly to bring out your style and add some spice to your suit.

A closeup of a red pocket square nicely folded

Buy Them As A Gift

Most men don’t think they need a pocket square, but what they don’t realize is that it adds a little flair to any jacket that nothing else can. If the man in your life has a great suit, but would like to advance his style, grab him a pocket square to bring out a new side of him.

A blue tie paired with a matching pocket square

Whatever The Occasion, We’ve Got Something For You

From musicals to black-tie affairs, we have a pocket square for you. With 30 years of experience in men’s clothing, we know exactly what you need. We only make our products from the finest materials and press them ourselves to ensure that you are buying the highest quality product on the market.