New Product Alert! Bow Tie Bundles!

Pairing the right bow tie with your official wear could be the difference between you and every other gentleman at the party. However, before sporting your favorite bow tie, it all begins with the selection process. You want a bow tie with the right pattern and also a fabric that can be paired with most of your clothes. In this regard, Carrot and Gibbs bow tie bundles come in three different patterns and have been hand-made right here in Colorado. If you are not convinced yet, here are more reasons why you should get yourself a Carrot and Gibbs bow tie bundle.



A variety of styles

First off, these bow ties come in a bundle of three. Each individual piece has been made with care to the smallest detail. They come in different patterns and styles to suit whatever outfit or fabric you intend to pair with. Each bundle is different from the other, so if you get two bundles, this means you have six different styles and patterns that you can switch depending on the occasion.


A bang for your buck

Good quality bow ties should not cost you an arm and a leg. If you are a frugal spender, then getting a bow tie bundle from Carrot and Gibbs is your best option. Again, one bundle has three bow ties which come at an insanely affordable price. What’s more, is that with purchases over $100 you get free shipping within the USA. Impressive, huh!


Fabric you can pair with most clothes

If you are an avid bow tie enthusiast, then you know that a good bow tie should be compatible with most styles. Compatibility is dependent on the fabric. Bow ties from Carrot and Gibbs are made from fine silk from premium Italian mills. Silk bow ties are not only easy to maintain and iron, but also are a signature style on their own. Bring out the adventurous side of you by breaking the serious tone of your office wear with a silk bow tie.


Get bespoke bow ties

Do you have a specific pattern or design that you have in mind for a given occasion? We understand. Here at Carrot and Gibbs bow tie, we make bespoke bow ties for all our customers. Let us convert the design in your head into a beautiful and unique piece that will represent the best version of you.

Having a bow tie is essential for all men conscious of their style. Remember, it all begins with picking the right style and fabric. The right bow tie could be the difference between you and the rest of the people in the room.

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