Bow Tie Trend Predictions for 2022

We can’t predict the future, but it can be fun to try! The fashion world can be fickle, but here’s what we here at Carrot & Gibbs predict for bow ties in 2022.


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Carrot & Gibbs' designer bow ties are crafted from specially selected imported Italian fabrics, predominantly silk, both woven and printed. Each bow tie is individually cut, sewn, and pressed by hand here in the United States. And rather than a metal clasp at the back, you will find four Mother Of Pearl buttons, which can be used for both adjustment and attachment if required (unless otherwise requested above). For customization options, please email


Prediction #1: Popular Pastels

While pastels are usually for a spring/summer look, we think there will be more interest in pastels throughout the year. Super-saturated bow tie colors seem to be becoming more and more popular lately, and it seems like things could swing back towards more muted, less-saturated hues now.


Prediction #2: Wider Stripes

This is a trend we have been seeing already, and expect to carry on through 2022 as well. Bow ties with stripes have always been more or less fashionable, but we expect 2022 will see a lot of widely striped bow ties (and neck ties) in a variety of different colors (e.g. pastels in particular).


Prediction #3: Greater Variety in Wedding Bow Ties

We predict that men aiming to look positively dapper on their wedding day will turn increasingly to fun (but not tacky or novelty) bow ties. Plaids, florals, and subtle blues that are neither too skinny nor too wide will rise in popularity. In fact, perhaps bow ties will be on the slightly wider side of the scale in 2022.


Prediction #4 (WILD CARD!): The Rise of Informal Bow Ties

For most men, bow ties are pieces to be worn on formal occasions and that’s about it. The traditional associations with bow ties of fastidiousness and social conservatism will continue to dissolve and we will see in 2022 a rise in less formal uses of bow ties, without slipping into a zany appearance. Only time will tell…

Dress Creative!

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- Carrot & Gibbs

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