30 Years Of Success


Humble Beginnings

Carrot & Gibbs began in 1987 by founder Neil Borin. Neil was always on the hunt for interesting, bright and whimsical bow ties; when he couldn't find them, he decided to make them. From those beginning moments in 1987, Neil never imagined the success and demand that followed. The menswear industry has always been and will continue to be in high demand of high quality and unique products. Carrot & Gibbs answered that call by introducing the button closure bow tie to the market. Neil saw a need for the traditional metal closure to be challenged. He wanted to create something that represented the luxury that Carrot & Gibbs stands for. The result: Mother of Pearl buttons. The form and function of this detail remains our signature.


Continued Creativity

Today we are 300 stores strong. Our products are sold in stores across North America. The Carrot & Gibbs brand is known for the quality of product and design. We have a cult following among true bow tie aficionados, wedding studios and celebrity stylists. The knowledge gained from 30 years of watching the menswear industry grow and change allows C&G to adapt to the needs of our amazing retailers and consumers. We continue to challenge our artistic and creative prowess by releasing new collections three times a year. Being a part of this ever-evolving menswear world is our passion and calling, and we cannot wait to see what the next 30 years bring.