How to Tie a Bow Tie

Taming the Bumptious Bow

The bowtie is indeed a bumptious article of clothing, with a distinctly independent streak, not unlike its owner. Your bow tie will assume any form you want, from the conservative pout to the boastful swagger. Despite any unfounded rumors you may have heard, tying a bow is as easy as tying your shoe. Just use this tying guide and your Carrot & Gibbs will always look its jaunty best.If you like, hang this guide next to your mirror, then match your movements to those seen below. The illustrations appear as you would see yourself in the mirror. So when we say "left," we mean the left you would see in a mirror. Note: Buttoning all four real shell buttons equals a 15 1/2" neck.

1.Slide the unformed tie under your collar. Extend the end on the right 1" further than the end on the left.

2.Cross the long end over the short end. Then pass it back and up through the loop at your neck, making a loose, overhand knot. Gently tighten the knot so it fits snugly around your neck.

3.Fold the lower hanging end up and to the left, as shown. Make sure the unfolded end is hanging down over the front of the bow.

4.Pull the bow ends forward and gently squeeze them together, forming an opening behind them. Now, turn to the right and notice the opening you've created.

5.With your left thumb or forefinger push the wide, middle part of the tie and your finger up through the opening from left to right, taking care not to let the end of the tie pass all the way through the opening. Use your right hand to help pull the back loop through.

6.Your bow tie will be uneven at this point. Although a few bow tie enthusiasts purport a preference for this look, we suggest that some tightening is on order. This is where you fashion your own unique style. With a large knot or a small one. With dimpled bows or smooth...

7.Gently maneuvering, pull the loops and watch the knot grow smaller. Then, pull both flat ends and loops, lightly tugging up and down to straighten. This tightens the knot...smoothes out the bow...and voila! You bow is tied. With a bit of practice, you'll give your bow the dash, the flair, the "je ne sais quois" that is yours and yours alone. And always remember, if at first you don't succeed, tie tie again...